Monday, August 28, 2006

THiS: (the all new) KrOB RaDIO DRIVE-IN with LOOP!STATION

for AUGUST 31st:

the pirate cat radio drive-in with loop!station and krob show will henceforth be monikered as the krob radio drive-in with loop!station. get bigger-sized fonts on the flyer that way...i like it.

why the change? pirate cat radio is bailing out. because of the overwhelming interest in this show, and, i would guess, the sheer volume of emails, angry calls and letter bombs, pirate cat radio has deliberated that the show cannot take place at their current studios. the station itself has been forced to move. i said that the show could be held in the pirate cat studio parking lot...and now it's impossible. pirate cat radio can have nothing to do with this show.

my "normal" radio show will continue...but the krob radio drive-in
with loop!station will be at a new and better location:

[the corner of treat and mistral - between 19th and 20th streets. treat deadends into a docking area and mistral doesn't even have a street's a half-block stretch of street that points west from harrison (between 19th and 20th). the projections will be pointing south on the dead-end of treat, either take harrison to between 19th and might see a taco truck nearby, and look for mistral and turn west. it doesn't go far. if your coming from treat, remember the dead-end is southbound after 19th. east on 19th, turn right on treat and park.]

i'm using my own power (thunder cue) and frequency (static cue) to broadcast (lesie hum cue) which will be available at the drive-in location (circus cue). pirate cat radio is not doing this show, so please, do not turn your dial to 87.9 fm or listen to an online stream unless you want to hear a "stimulus regression programming" (applause cue) pre-taped (continued applause cue) show. (applause cut - to clearing throat cue).. not a bad idea. (twinkle cue)

the showtime will be the same. the band who inspired this visual extrava-tony-ganza will still be there to offer something to the on-site mix of the radio and the video. and there will be popcorn. sorry, the corn dog machine is still on order.

the all new krob radio drive-in with loop!station!
august 31st | 10-midnight | the corner of treat and mistral streets (in the middle of 19th and 20th / folsom and harrison)

starring short films, cartoons, drive-in shorts and collage
work from and inspired by the new album "obey your
signal" from what chicken john calls, "the best band
in san francisco", loop!station.

hosted live by your terminal pal,


be there or be anamorphic!

Friday, August 25, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.15 - "the most punk rock moment in seattle"


it began as a mistake.

i could never stick to format radio. not when it's even my own. the exciting conclusion to "middle name period piece" will have to wait until the second show at the new pirate cat studios. the new show, possibly starting at 8pm, will start on august 31st as a pre-taped show. the following week will be a live show putting an end to this mr. t 'n' a-team lunchbox least for awhile.

also, the ask dr. hal show will start it's indefinite run at the 12 galaxies on wednesday, sept. 13. the show may well be heard on pirate cat radio as a weekly simulcast. it is also promised that the station will have, not only a new, more exciting phone number, but, a new-model phone patching device that will allow for pro-quality on-air phone calls. anyway now, a little detour on the highway of radio. this week's version had some moments...and they went something like this (mp3)

so, you'll notice it is an another incomplete archive this week. only a few measly minutes. sucks. the best parts didn't get saved. typical mundane bullshit. maybe these can make up for it...


next week's show, loop!station joins me as i play radio on a video for a drive-in. free popcorn...a cool record and then some. really.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.14- "middle name period piece" (part 1)


intro - wing attack plan ( r ), somewhere nobody cares and "no further significance", scanner jamming, moon music, various dvd menu loops, heightened shortwave, theme park psychedelia, "happy birthday, you fuck!", tentacle sex and jesus freaks, operation: applesauce (rock burning record ceremony), the major cities in the world are being destroyed by the monsters, trouble, surface noise vs. room tone, giant sand - the beat goes on, drunk dialing, john cage marries his ears, piratebusters, "an american movie" at half-speed, actual on hold music from 1-800-apl-care in full fidelity, a doomsday shroud, wake up and live (everybody make happy), pirate cat radio in the iron lung (not on the air yet), phonin' in the phone yard, submarine engines, new york style bagpipes, howard stern sings "spirit in the sky" and introduces mr. t

(at this point the connection to the station was cut off and the remainder of the show was dead air. the recording continued, however. so, the mp3 has a huge blank spot at about 3/4 of the way through. tune in next week for "middle name period piece" (part 2) and i'll pick up the show from howard stern's mr. t introduction. thanks for listening.)

and now, a mr. t adventure story (mp3)

Friday, August 11, 2006


from 10pm to midnight on august 31, during my “stimulus regression programming” show, i, KrOB, will take a break from broadcasting my usual blend of armchair theocracy and play, in it’s entirety, the new album, "obey your signal", from Loop!Station. while featuring video material for an upcoming dvd, i'm also setting up a kind of a drive-in theater (see the new post for more details). park and watch the video projections synced live with the music and munch on the finest microwave popcorn money can't'll be free. the show, videos and all, will continue until midnight with level 2 antagonism and maybe we'll have some interview material with the band. check in to pirate cat radio or loop this and look at webpages. in the meantime, look at old drive-in shorts . . . .

smoke talk relax

hot coffee

popcorn magic

come early


ice cream

bottle warming service




subliminal hamburger

what's to eat?

to add to your enjoyment


please replace your speaker

corn dogs

THiS WEAK VERSION.13 - "wikiality"


smooth and by the numbers, dylan under the rock, "let's hope this elevates their thinking" -> "how to speak hip" -> "cattle call" and hollerin', the christian con-man (again), the show is fucked, apathy pledge break, dinosaur make-out party: resurrection day, chuck barris in the style of jackson pollack, french pop -> apathy pledge break 2, tiny tim and the brave combo - stairway to heaven, the audrey loop and the beginning of the end, social lubricant, neuronal feedback, "7:00 in deadwood", desire gets clunky, "an evening with xavier" at cafe this, pirate vs. pirate, "eat to live", a billion billion twinkies, laurie anderson - the ouija board, "colonel sanders and the space invaders" at the dark room -> someone else's 8-tracks, a laughing dwarf, frank's beer, the goose drank wine, nostalgia for realism, circus moog, the ghost of a chuck norris christmas in the style of galactus, tote board hysteria -> beer-soaked explosions, real-time titties. "you'll never walk alone" (the director's cut), slack and jaw, and thank you very much to the man who discovered "circle".

podcast receptacle interlink --- closed

Saturday, August 05, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.12 - "barbie's tiny vagina"


two suns in the sunset, copy this or that, stimulus re-runs noisebed breadcrumbs and the gimme theme, "what is the sound of love?", george carlin's "baseball and football" -> people like us, the basement punk presents "the effects of sex on teenage logic", "hello"->"don't speak" -> "why do you talk?", ...and now the quotes are broken, sticky mouse and thai endgame.

bob's advice to mandy (mp3)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.11 - "paid rehearsal"

two hours of radio time spent on soundchecks and channel labeling. podcast receptacle interlink at 13%. sorry about this. i know it's a bit silly. check back next week for the actual show.

General Cavendish