Friday, October 27, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.21 - "how does it keep up with the news like that?"


(railroad intro)
the button - merry christmas everyone
quiet american - circumlocution
dj shadow -
murari - easy journey
the murmurs - you suck
(walter matthau bit from "a face in the crowd")
national lampoon - magical misery tour (genius is pain)
("if you liked star wars and raiders..." -> work work)
out of band experience - bonerland
junkyard dogs - breakin' the law
people like us - nobody does
(kid -> dinosaur pt. 1)
(dinosaur pt. 2 -> war pigs)
(hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy music outro)

Will Franken - Whose Dick Do I Gotta Suck To Get A Blowjob Around Here? (((mp3)))

Monday, October 16, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.20 - "myspace friends in the tholian web"


cub - the day i said i goodbye, negativland - guns, i don't believe (i put a candy-coated shell on) you, beat happening - teenage caveman, try to be a listener - remain inside the sound collage, morphology, longevity, incept dates, one of them is gorgeous, eat (pasta) to live, the league of infinite justice- united we stand, cough and sinus, the windham hill of comedy, robitussin and desperation, elvis presley has been on the charts for 13 minutes, contact microphones, the curse of the goddamn hipsters, frank chu in pogform, in heaven (everything is fine), 3-head monte, manipulated by computers, backstage labia distraction, stormtrooper in dreamtime, there's gonna be some chaos, prelude to chaos, chaos, chaotic neutralization (lou reed - heroin), a small accumulation of details, marilyn monroe - heatwave, they might be giants - istanbul (not constantinople), white stripes - hotel yorba, howe gelb - explore you, hope sandoval - slow twitch, david bowie - the bewlay brothers, the pretty things - s.f. sorrow is born, the bangles - walk like an egyptian, playlisping -> the school of rock -> molding somebody into a nice country kid -> playlisping, a world of outmoded ideas and pete goldie's ruination