Friday, June 30, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.9 - "sun and run"


radio (in the moment) on indefinite hiatus, what's on the president's ipod?, and spastic digitalis.

pete townshend - won't get fooled again (mp3)

Friday, June 16, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.8 - "gee, a ligeti orgy!"


just like the title says.


playlist from 4pm-6pm (subbing for pixie's bordello with massive sleep deprivation)

the knitters - dry river
dave alvin - 4th of july
giant sand - glum
marianne faithfull - tower of song
john doe - that day comes when
a string quartet tribute to the pixies - where is my mind?
? - pixie girl
-> sarah silverman in "the aristocrats"
the corn sisters - too many pills
hole - boys on the radio
the pixies - born in chicago
the evolution control committee - i want a cookie
-> tom kenny and mary lynn rajskub in "run, ronnie, run"
negativland - it's all in your head fm (live excerpt)
kate bush - running up that hill (12" remix)
pink floyd - run like hell (live version)
people like us, don joyce & wobbly - nmm ne
bongwater - everybody's talkin'
yo la tengo - demons
nick lowe - what's shaking on the hill (live version)
danny elfman - storytime (edward scissorhands soundtrack)
elvis costello and the attractions - hand in hand
bob dylan and the hawks - like a rolling stone (live version)
joey ramone - the wonderful widow of 18 springs
annie ross and the low note quintet - to hell with love
cat power & karen elson - i love you (me either)
captain sensible - wot
marvin pontiac - wanna wanna
maureen tucker - bo diddley
bo diddley - workin' man
-> tenacious d gets their picture taken with van halen (and cut)

mae questel - the broken record(mp3)

Friday, June 09, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.7 - "the beatings will continue (until morale improves)."


curt gowdy vs. kurt cobain, opening credits (no director), freinds of dean martinez posing as the dirty three, t bone burnett posing as the matrix™ version of himself, breakfast on commercial avenue, the revenge of lovely assistant: " you can continually take half of whatever you had", talking heads and the dinosaur paddocks, lucid dreaming scenarios, david lynch yard sale, humbug, radio eating words, i want to know what love is...i want you to show me, kraftwerk - radioactivity, lunch on monster island, diamanda galas - dead cat on the line, the desperate accountant, more humbug, jesus never runs out of blood, actual clicking noises, lapsed status treacle, dinner on guam, good morning and goodbye, and two bobs?

syd barrett - bob dylan blues (mp3)

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.6 - "that's no urinal, that's my wife!"


some other guys' show, tortured is the best kind of artist, krob loves cloe, another outsider troubled artist, throwback and hang-out in the morning (the war machine keeps turning me on), i got nothing, langley school, stuff way past recycling, the "freebird" of my show, a mentally-impaired resident of graceland and the story of bonnie marie lawson, the enoch light singers, everyone's favorite scene from "dead man", plunderphonia, coffee drinks named after other radio shows, american subgenius, lovely assistant mixes it up, and you're not listening to anything right now...turn pirate cat radio off.