Friday, August 11, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.13 - "wikiality"


smooth and by the numbers, dylan under the rock, "let's hope this elevates their thinking" -> "how to speak hip" -> "cattle call" and hollerin', the christian con-man (again), the show is fucked, apathy pledge break, dinosaur make-out party: resurrection day, chuck barris in the style of jackson pollack, french pop -> apathy pledge break 2, tiny tim and the brave combo - stairway to heaven, the audrey loop and the beginning of the end, social lubricant, neuronal feedback, "7:00 in deadwood", desire gets clunky, "an evening with xavier" at cafe this, pirate vs. pirate, "eat to live", a billion billion twinkies, laurie anderson - the ouija board, "colonel sanders and the space invaders" at the dark room -> someone else's 8-tracks, a laughing dwarf, frank's beer, the goose drank wine, nostalgia for realism, circus moog, the ghost of a chuck norris christmas in the style of galactus, tote board hysteria -> beer-soaked explosions, real-time titties. "you'll never walk alone" (the director's cut), slack and jaw, and thank you very much to the man who discovered "circle".

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