Thursday, August 17, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.14- "middle name period piece" (part 1)


intro - wing attack plan ( r ), somewhere nobody cares and "no further significance", scanner jamming, moon music, various dvd menu loops, heightened shortwave, theme park psychedelia, "happy birthday, you fuck!", tentacle sex and jesus freaks, operation: applesauce (rock burning record ceremony), the major cities in the world are being destroyed by the monsters, trouble, surface noise vs. room tone, giant sand - the beat goes on, drunk dialing, john cage marries his ears, piratebusters, "an american movie" at half-speed, actual on hold music from 1-800-apl-care in full fidelity, a doomsday shroud, wake up and live (everybody make happy), pirate cat radio in the iron lung (not on the air yet), phonin' in the phone yard, submarine engines, new york style bagpipes, howard stern sings "spirit in the sky" and introduces mr. t

(at this point the connection to the station was cut off and the remainder of the show was dead air. the recording continued, however. so, the mp3 has a huge blank spot at about 3/4 of the way through. tune in next week for "middle name period piece" (part 2) and i'll pick up the show from howard stern's mr. t introduction. thanks for listening.)

and now, a mr. t adventure story (mp3)


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