Friday, December 22, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.28 - "the shortest day of the year"


the now generation talks about the stereo generation (too late for disco), dj grazhoppa, more "millenial child" and "kant" excerpts ("sort of alive"), vangelis, a caller's broken theory ("sort through"), forrest j. ackerman - music for robots (side one), dimuzio/matmos/wobbly, robots imprisoned by sunrays, bbc (sfx - death and horror), people like us - do or diy (excerpt from wfmu), ohio religious hucksters, pete goldie (acting on behalf of the pirate senate sub-committee) demanding answers about "art is dead", the final relaxation begins, lady on wall caressed by feather, naked lady on a plate, lady with knife in ham commercial, meat letters, painkiller - parish of tama (ossuary dub), hal willner - alamo hellfire, devil crucified, home on the range, the final relaxation continues ("you will never be able to cook like a television chef"), tape, honey, dawn of an evil millenium (excerpts), otomo & eye, christmas fudge and etheric boots......

......the final relaxion continues ("numb hands"), singing is the lowest form of communication, fast film, more tape, shit food in plastic bags, the boss as a baby with baby mask...nursed by nanny...putting on diapers...feeding time, music for robots continued ("don't leave the electronic field of our time machine"), bernard herrmann - fahrenheit 451 (suite) -> HAL 9000, palpatine's nightlight, the final relaxation continues ("i hope you're sweating and choking"), ("are you allergic to hay?"), ("we are losing our ability to decipher our words"), the final relaxation is complete, connie stevens - sixteen reasons, "america" loop and "outer space" (from brutal sfx #40) -> people like us - do or diy (excerpt from wfmu) and radio pyongyang

listen to it ---> ((( mp3 )))


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