Friday, August 25, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.15 - "the most punk rock moment in seattle"


it began as a mistake.

i could never stick to format radio. not when it's even my own. the exciting conclusion to "middle name period piece" will have to wait until the second show at the new pirate cat studios. the new show, possibly starting at 8pm, will start on august 31st as a pre-taped show. the following week will be a live show putting an end to this mr. t 'n' a-team lunchbox least for awhile.

also, the ask dr. hal show will start it's indefinite run at the 12 galaxies on wednesday, sept. 13. the show may well be heard on pirate cat radio as a weekly simulcast. it is also promised that the station will have, not only a new, more exciting phone number, but, a new-model phone patching device that will allow for pro-quality on-air phone calls. anyway now, a little detour on the highway of radio. this week's version had some moments...and they went something like this (mp3)

so, you'll notice it is an another incomplete archive this week. only a few measly minutes. sucks. the best parts didn't get saved. typical mundane bullshit. maybe these can make up for it...


next week's show, loop!station joins me as i play radio on a video for a drive-in. free popcorn...a cool record and then some. really.


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