Saturday, January 20, 2007

THiS WEAK VERSION.32 - "the shelf life of revenge" (pt. 3)


comedy central quickies, operation: interrupt, leonard cohen - light as the breeze (excerpt), supernatural bologna and the new realism, "rock, rot and rule", tunnel chase, everything operation ivy ever recorded in a fifth of a second (head of a pin), a dead shark, day in/day out, a human being should know better -> william shatner -> over and over and over again -> william shatner, vincent price - dreamland, thursday is the thinking man's weekend, remote control, tenacious d - (side 2 of) abbey road medley, little hitler fade-out, shortwave show, porest (from tourrorists) -> mister magoo - alone in the world -> porest, hard work, people like us & wobbly (campfire special) -> the ecc -> (whole lotta royaly payments) don joyce (octuple cappuccino)-> puzzling evidence (a data clocked memory hole & me sample), northern telecom - i want an oc192 for christmas, try again, pink floyd - the post-war dream, look again, big rock psycho mountain, "we all go a little mad sometimes", elvis "at his worst", high voltage defense system, pain, the end of the rainbow/the recipe for happiness, barbara manning - whatever i do is right/wrong...

(more later)


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