Monday, August 28, 2006

THiS: (the all new) KrOB RaDIO DRIVE-IN with LOOP!STATION

for AUGUST 31st:

the pirate cat radio drive-in with loop!station and krob show will henceforth be monikered as the krob radio drive-in with loop!station. get bigger-sized fonts on the flyer that way...i like it.

why the change? pirate cat radio is bailing out. because of the overwhelming interest in this show, and, i would guess, the sheer volume of emails, angry calls and letter bombs, pirate cat radio has deliberated that the show cannot take place at their current studios. the station itself has been forced to move. i said that the show could be held in the pirate cat studio parking lot...and now it's impossible. pirate cat radio can have nothing to do with this show.

my "normal" radio show will continue...but the krob radio drive-in
with loop!station will be at a new and better location:

[the corner of treat and mistral - between 19th and 20th streets. treat deadends into a docking area and mistral doesn't even have a street's a half-block stretch of street that points west from harrison (between 19th and 20th). the projections will be pointing south on the dead-end of treat, either take harrison to between 19th and might see a taco truck nearby, and look for mistral and turn west. it doesn't go far. if your coming from treat, remember the dead-end is southbound after 19th. east on 19th, turn right on treat and park.]

i'm using my own power (thunder cue) and frequency (static cue) to broadcast (lesie hum cue) which will be available at the drive-in location (circus cue). pirate cat radio is not doing this show, so please, do not turn your dial to 87.9 fm or listen to an online stream unless you want to hear a "stimulus regression programming" (applause cue) pre-taped (continued applause cue) show. (applause cut - to clearing throat cue).. not a bad idea. (twinkle cue)

the showtime will be the same. the band who inspired this visual extrava-tony-ganza will still be there to offer something to the on-site mix of the radio and the video. and there will be popcorn. sorry, the corn dog machine is still on order.

the all new krob radio drive-in with loop!station!
august 31st | 10-midnight | the corner of treat and mistral streets (in the middle of 19th and 20th / folsom and harrison)

starring short films, cartoons, drive-in shorts and collage
work from and inspired by the new album "obey your
signal" from what chicken john calls, "the best band
in san francisco", loop!station.

hosted live by your terminal pal,


be there or be anamorphic!


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