Saturday, November 25, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.25 - "our insatiable need for diversion"

"thanksgiving" 2006:

sunset stripe hullabaloo, dustin hoffman as lenny bruce, daniel johnston - don't play cards with satan
the beginning of the end of thanksgiving
language we (americans) still supress, into the ether, could we feel? - just what is not true, quiet american, scream theory (part 1), zoviet france, water and birds -> amy denio - dishwasher, robyn hitchcock - one too many mornings, dead man soundtrack excerpt, gary rydstrom sound effects, los lobos - uncomplicated, electrical storm, laurie anderson and lou reed - in our sleep, cat people soundtrack excerpt -> marlon brando's thankgiving prayer, ambient cannibalism, dispatches from the land of make-believe, lisa germano -guillotine, scream theory (part 2 - italian space movie version), "i still can't communicate with anybody", intermission control, brown whorenet -> paul stanley reads the bible -> bizarro bob dylan, the herculoids
the end of the end of thanksgiving
the art scene vs. noise rock, the disney blender, the langley school music project - good vibrations, marianne faithfull - alone, scream theory (part 3 - mimi roger's neighborhood), game rain (sleep aerosol 7 excerpt), tuxedomoon - i heard it through the grapevine, firesign theater - the breaking of the president, stimulus flashback wallpaper party -> negativland cover band compilation, "consumption is being standardized", people like us - who cares?, inarticulate alienation, cutting the final cut -> scream theory (part 4 - the screamening), questions from the audience (clicking noises outro)

the end of the beginning of thanksgiving (((mp3)))

Sunday, November 19, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.24- "social caterpillars"


leon redbone - shiek of araby
-> apathetic identification / KrOB (sfx for gotham)->
lenny bruce - the palladium -- (background: miles davis - kind of blue, bill laswell & pete namlook - psychonavigation, quiet american - usa, gurgle, monkey pod)

--monkey boy is not here--

wolf theme -> "what show?" -> classic KrOB (we will have these moments to remember, hard loop: blacky ranchette, gps brittania, george w. bush's "hard work"), alex and the droogs - singin in the rain, deep north compilation excerpt, more telephone calls, ergo phizmiz - zip, cliff martinez - solaris soundtrack excerpt, dina's break-up (taped phone call), philip glass - candyman soundtrack excerpt, alvin curran, jerry falwell intro -> robin and crystal bernard - the monkey song, website sfx from "sky captain and the world of tomorrow", danny elfman - spiderman 2 soundtrack excerpt, david lynch - rabbits (pt. 8), jon brion - punch drunk love soundtrack excerpt, chris watson, howard shore - lord of the rings (the two towers) soundtrack excerpt), sfx from "dinosaur make-out party" or "age of reptiles", i'd like to buy the world a pepsi, mindboggling foibles, magnetic fields - heroes, work work, the kinks - give the people what they want / kbox radio dallas - the assassination of president kennedy, neil young - dead man soundtrack excerpt, jerry lewis - state of the union, "weird al" yankovic - midnight star, video game instructional disc - "stargate" lessons/john williams - star wars: attack of the clones soundtrack excerpt/ikue mori, bbc, psychic tv -> new york radio collage from the night john lennon was killed (courtesy wfmu), no nougat is bad nougat, the button - i am the walrus, the guilt structure of npr, the breeders, if i had a hammer film: the movie, r.e.m. - superman, cassette-boy - anne frankingmachine, the breeders (again), the herculoids (a waste of time), brian eno - lizard point -> toto - dune soundtrack excerpt

these recordings came from a cassette found in a thrift store

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5

THiS WEAK VERSION.23 - "the bag hutch... et al"


a chunk (four minutes and twenty seconds) of "the goonies", sfx loop from "god of war", igor wakhevitch, walt disney (anything's possible in disneyland)

harry nilsson - early in the morning
david bowie - andy warhol
negativland - snuggles
ogden edsl - dead puppies
robin holcomb - dead horse
KrOB and/or (enter:) my lovely assistant
tom lehrer - poisoning pigeons in the park
loudon wainwright III - good ship venus
the police - king of pain
applesauce -> grateful dead drum circles, gino robair, tape recorder theme park excerpts, howard shore - lord of the rings: the return of the king, douglas quin, indonesian soundscapes - evening sounds, morning rain, tapes
KrOB and/or (exit:) my lovely assistant (discovery of uvulan cancer) - pete goldie is sans uvula
true/false loop, q.r. ghazala, matmos and bjork, beatles loop, thank you list from "the soft pink truth", "now everybody's gonna think....", eyes wide shut soundtrack excerpt, more tapes, i love you (like morning), i'm so lost without you baby -> it's all in your head fm excerpt, pink floyd - shine on you crazy diamond (beginning), ken nordine - truth mute, pink floyd - shine on you crazy diamond (end), rainstorm, ergo phizmiz - radio experiments, ....acceptable to our satan, even more tapes, janeane garofalo - hbo comedy special excerpt

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ThiS WEAK VERSION.22 - "frankenstein anti-sex rays"