Saturday, December 02, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.26 - "the vegetable serenity of junk"


college radio hazing, krob (not a charming drunk), "harry potter and the black leather cunt" by j.k. rowling, i wish i were dead, (and yes) even more excerpts from "do or dyi", the reluctant intellect, messages for beverly, 16 bitch pile-up, scotch tape and sprocket holes, wayne butane, cuban misery, something with coconut on it, es - kukat ovathyvla kuuntelijoita -> john lurie - tuesday night in memphis -> tony mason-cox - pickin', september 12, 1999, whining for sex, bob ralston, chris watson - weather report, celebrities for racism, sleep aerosol (chromium descensions), "the bats" (dedicated to my lovely assistant) w/ john oswald (cassette-only era plunderphonia), julee cruise - the space for love, field recording concert w/ erik satie and ketty lester, excerpt from "henry flynt's back-porch hillbilly blues", endscape from KrOB's "the longest day of the year", laurie anderson - four, three, two, one -> the 5678's - harlem shuffle -> sleater-kinney - little mouth -> helge and the firefuckers - whiter shade of pale -> john zorn - tv eye, and my brain is anatomically incorrect.

U2/Negativland (A Cappella) | (Radio Edit)


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