Friday, September 29, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.19 minus .05 - "loop this"


robin coomer from loop!station (the best band in san francisco) is my guest for two hours. all things robin and sam, with a krob moment or two. is everybody crazy?

sorry... no loop!station track to listen to. here's something just as nice....(mp3)

THiS WEAK VERSION.19 - "dreams about fire"


loop!station offends and rewards caller(s), even if, thank you and goodnight from the wailing looper, the krob lobby, celebrities (murk and dice) pt. 2, cartoons from beyond the moon, psychic ballast, the 70's, monet (that's what i want), fear of wanting (claustrophobia vs, intimacy), pillows mothering, deadweight revisited, sexy reverb and bad modulation, birdsaw revisited, a wet paper towel roll and a vortex of mink stoles, star trek, the krob lobby pt. 2, jim carroll - female as thunder, robin and angelo in the age of reptiles, another night talk excerpt, people like us - downtown once more, willem dafoe reads "the raven", tortured is the worst kind of lover, my anime cassette mix from seattle, talking heads - the great curve, my anime cassette mix (continued) and other pre-century mix-tapes.

everything you always wanted to know about grand funk railroad....

THiS(mp3) or THAT(mp3)

Friday, September 22, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.18 - "Echoing Bronze Bee Guts and Libido Airbag"

more later

here's the show ----> (((mp3)))

ok bye

Saturday, September 09, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.16 - "siesta @ nice camp"


iggy pop- lust for life
the ramones - my back pages
bo diddley - do what i say
the knitters - rank stranger to me
the corn sisters - high on cruel
t bone burnett - poison love
the ink spots - do i worry?
jon brion - (main theme) eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
randy newman - you can leave your hat on
harry dean stanton with ry cooder and david lindley - i knew these people
david lindley with hani nasar - rag bag
the band with van morrison - tura lura lural (that's an irish lullaby)
nick lowe - lover's jamboree
(background for voice-over - louis prima)
elvis costello - all these things
100 watt smile- flagrante delicto
muddy waters - she's alright
sue foley - long distance lover
the knitters - burning house of love
hollywood persuaders - drums a go go
the stuff above can be heard here (mp3). but, there was more. pirate cat archivists are asleep at the switch most weeks. the last quarter of the show was cut from the records. here's the rest of it.

throwing muses - amazing grace
kirsten hersh - wave of mutilation
tom waits - cold cold ground
john williams - welcome to jurassic park
(krob - age of reptiles)
disneyland's "pirates of the caribbean" ride