Friday, June 09, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.7 - "the beatings will continue (until morale improves)."


curt gowdy vs. kurt cobain, opening credits (no director), freinds of dean martinez posing as the dirty three, t bone burnett posing as the matrix™ version of himself, breakfast on commercial avenue, the revenge of lovely assistant: " you can continually take half of whatever you had", talking heads and the dinosaur paddocks, lucid dreaming scenarios, david lynch yard sale, humbug, radio eating words, i want to know what love is...i want you to show me, kraftwerk - radioactivity, lunch on monster island, diamanda galas - dead cat on the line, the desperate accountant, more humbug, jesus never runs out of blood, actual clicking noises, lapsed status treacle, dinner on guam, good morning and goodbye, and two bobs?

syd barrett - bob dylan blues (mp3)


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