Friday, October 27, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.21 - "how does it keep up with the news like that?"


(railroad intro)
the button - merry christmas everyone
quiet american - circumlocution
dj shadow -
murari - easy journey
the murmurs - you suck
(walter matthau bit from "a face in the crowd")
national lampoon - magical misery tour (genius is pain)
("if you liked star wars and raiders..." -> work work)
out of band experience - bonerland
junkyard dogs - breakin' the law
people like us - nobody does
(kid -> dinosaur pt. 1)
(dinosaur pt. 2 -> war pigs)
(hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy music outro)

Will Franken - Whose Dick Do I Gotta Suck To Get A Blowjob Around Here? (((mp3)))


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