Sunday, July 09, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.10 - "post-x patriots and the jaded palate"


bob crane is not a celebrity dad for patriotism, a new standard by which to measure infamy, my lovely assistant and the origin of the show, yamo, the classroom, good decent normal people and a thriller diller of laughs, why we have pirate radio, organ intermission, bad connections (it's very noisy and you don't know what's going on) r us, cassette mythology, expensive german words, fingering and diddling (me), john lurie is the coolest man on the planet, superman re-runs, my lovely assistant has trouble with jack kerouac, wanting nothing and getting nothing, pete goldie just doesn't get it, krob's gallery and installation excerpts, bill on superman, brian eno - babys on fire, grux removes silk screen, retard-tablism, circa 1991, cacophony mafia, my lovely assistant's lost karaoke experience, "thank you and good night" (chicken john style) and krob's capable hands.

(selections from) vincent price - international cooking course: foods of the austro-hungarian empire

pickled mushrooms (mp3)
viennese stuffed eggs (mp3)
paliscenta (mp3)

and a classic negativland rarity from the '87 "potatoes" compilation

perfect scrambled eggs (mp3)

frazier chorus - anarchy in the uk(mp3)


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