Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Armchair Theocracy - Burning Man Information Radio

Friday, March 09, 2007

THiS WEAK VERSION.34 - "hysterical misery"



Friday, February 23, 2007

THiS WEAK VERSION.33 - "the dream of the broken hearted"


Saturday, January 20, 2007

THiS WEAK VERSION.32 - "the shelf life of revenge" (pt. 3)


comedy central quickies, operation: interrupt, leonard cohen - light as the breeze (excerpt), supernatural bologna and the new realism, "rock, rot and rule", tunnel chase, everything operation ivy ever recorded in a fifth of a second (head of a pin), a dead shark, day in/day out, a human being should know better -> william shatner -> over and over and over again -> william shatner, vincent price - dreamland, thursday is the thinking man's weekend, remote control, tenacious d - (side 2 of) abbey road medley, little hitler fade-out, shortwave show, porest (from tourrorists) -> mister magoo - alone in the world -> porest, hard work, people like us & wobbly (campfire special) -> the ecc -> (whole lotta royaly payments) don joyce (octuple cappuccino)-> puzzling evidence (a data clocked memory hole & me sample), northern telecom - i want an oc192 for christmas, try again, pink floyd - the post-war dream, look again, big rock psycho mountain, "we all go a little mad sometimes", elvis "at his worst", high voltage defense system, pain, the end of the rainbow/the recipe for happiness, barbara manning - whatever i do is right/wrong...

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Friday, January 12, 2007

THiS WEAK VERSION.31 - "radio's cultural felony"

01/11/07 (four hour show...two hour archive):

part of a thought (competitive stupidity), laurie anderson- the soul is a bird (dedicated to my lovely assistant), lingering acetate and voice-over drop-out, jew sharp, avant retard, pre-"k"rob installation at railroad square merchants assocation meeting (excerpt), theme from "radio's cultural felony" -> music video play-by-play for aor, abusing your ability to control, 'bullshit!' meets 'deadwood' in the land of the dwarves (cunting whores motherfucked me), band meeting - the troggs, matmos (from drug opera), even dwarves started small (excerpt), dubba dubba dubba chonk -> camper van beethoven - tusk, the superstition of profanity, hate as biological imperative, a phone call about marijuana, jonathan frakes on a leash, another part of a thought (competitive intelligence), cafe this (circa 1994), baby sex, questions about the nature of reality, calgon, a mask of low-key hostility, language instruction (wormhole remix), caught "staring at a picture of barbra streisand's tits with a piece of veal wrapped around his dick", two bobs?, animatic for "radio's cultural felony", landworld, the oscillation overthruster, bizarro arby's, neil hamburger -> i am spoonbender, noise ballad, deep listening band -> mozart (through shitty speakers), pan's labia, roger waters -> laurel and hardy (you wrecker of men's happiness), spillane (excerpt), (creative mode) john s. hall and kramer - the absolute -> tenacious d - inward singing/kyle quit the band, stove-top vinyl, david byrne instrumental, deadheads, the "america" loop, lee "scratch" perry, insane revolution, clicking quota, psychic tv (dreams less sweet)-> "the second half is probably better"

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Saturday, January 06, 2007

THiS WEAK VERSION.30 -"just another porn collection"


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Friday, December 29, 2006

THiS WEAK VERSION.29 - "sabrepop dopes on feline island"


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end credits (some other guys' show) and "give up" loop, thought aerosol, appropriate christmas, (1) listeners in the studio, "what is wrong with you people?", islamic christmas (exceprt), "who cares?", caramelized asylum whores, brutal sfx (excerpts from yerba buena), intoxica, the nixon years (the gold standard vs. cyberspace), sonic chafing, U2 vs. tv's odd couple, antartica, a wall of groove, the nixon years continued (a pulverizing sentiment), pink floyd - the tigers broke free, lo-fi-fo-fum, (grown) men talkin' ovaries, cat stevens - into white, station i.d. with marlon (godfather of jell-o) brando (feline island simulcast), the nixon years continued (that 70's me show), life out of balance -> the marines, tokyo television and pre-century cassettes, "don't be long / don't belong", lots of field recordings, applesauce, stereolab, creaking ->mixin' the nixon oblivion, atmospheric dyslexia, (1) listeners interviews host, (back to business) a james brown interview, negative means real art -> colonel sanders, laurie anderson - the hollywood strangler, chris watson, shriekback - coelacanth, "very negative", pirates get sleepy (yawn ho), the post-show "high"

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